LDAP Tools & Utilities

There's so much good stuff out there, I don't even know where to start.  This page holds only those tools I've written, or that other authors have given to me for posting.

If you've written an LDAP-based script that you'd like to submit, please let me know!

Advanced LDAP Search (ALS)

I wrote this tool because I was frustrated with using ldapsearch in many situations.   Most importantly, I wanted the ability to dump LDAP directory contents directly to tab-delimited and vCard formats.  (see 'iPod integration' below)

This is a Perl-based code example that is powerful in its own right.  (Requires Perl and Net::LDAP)

Click here to download ALS

Usage information for ALS is found using the command "als --help"

ALS and iPod integration
I've got an iPod, as do many of you. Sometimes you're on the road and you need a phone number for a co-worker.  So why not use the iPod'contacts' list to hold that information?  Unfortunately, the iPod's own contact synchronization only works if you use a Microsoft email client (on the Windows platform, anyway.) 

The iPod also supports the industry standard .VCF (vCard) format.  I've updated a tool written long ago so that it can dump data directly to this format. Simply dropping the single .vcf file into the Contacts folder on any  iPod will allow you to find all known contact information for every account in the directory

For example, to dump all of the data all you need to do is this:
als -b ou=people,dc=mydomain,dc=com -V cn=* > directory.vcf

LDAP-based File storage

This is a tool that can be used to store files in a directory. Version information is stored as well, allowing the centralized storage of and distributed access to files. This can be particularly useful for distributing large files used for infrastructure, such as NIS maps. Currently, end-user security levels are not enforced by ldapfiler, these must be implemented using LDAP ACLs instead.

Click here to download ldapfiler

Benchmark tools

UNIX<->LDAP integration