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I'm in the process of producing a series of articles for www.sendmail.net, covering the topic of LDAP.  My intent is to create a series of articles designed to walk you through the entire process of deploying an LDAP-based set of Directory Enabled applications and services.  This is not a trivial task, so I'll be writing the articles as a series of bite-sized chunks.
Want to know what topics are coming up?  Look below.  If you don't see a topic that you're really interested in, please send me email!

Spanish translations of the articles below are also available, thanks to the work of Pere Benavent

An Introduction to LDAP (from www.sendmail.net, published April 27, 2000)
This article is a introductory primer, breifly covering each of these topics:
  • What is LDAP, anyway?
  • When should you use LDAP to store your data?
  • The structure of an LDAP Directory store
  • Individual LDAP records
  • Customizing your Directory's Object Classes
  • An example of an individual LDAP entry.
  • LDAP Replication
  • Security & Access control
    Designing an LDAP Directory Tree (from www.sendmail.net, published May 9, 2000)
    Technical details on how to design your LDAP directory tree.  Topics include:
  • What is a directory tree? What do they look like?
  • Choosing your directory's base DN
  • An example of a directory tree
  • Planning your directory topology

  • Customizing You LDAP Directory Schema (from www.sendmail.net, published August 2000)
    A three part series covering all the basics about planning for, and extending, your directory structure.
    Topics include:

  • Part 1 - What is an LDAP Directory Schema?
  • Part 1 - Understanding LDAP Attributes
  • Part 2 - Understanding LDAP Object classes
  • Part 3 - Designing and implementing your own object classes


    Future article titles:

  • Sendmail integration with LDAP -- storage of email routing information
  • Installing an LDAP Directory Server
  • LDIF files and command-line tools: ldapadd, ldapsearch, and ldapmodify
  • LDAP Query Techniques
  • PerlDAP - A System Administrator's friend
  • Integrating your LDAP Directory with your Application Environment